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Wax Week: Mix it Up!

July 18 - 22, 2018. Wed - Sun, 10 - 4 pm, $850 (full)

This 5-day intensive workshop combines some of my most popular classes with some brand new techniques that will keep you creating new work for years to come. In this class we'll focus on combining wax with different media like collage papers, dried plants, stencils, pastels, watercolor, inks, foils, customized stamps and more.

All of my Wax Week workshops are easily accessible for someone with little or no experience in working with encaustic, but will also offer rich, personalized instruction for those who have more experience.

I keep my class sizes very small, a maximum of 6 students, so everyone can learn at their own pace. This allows me to help introduce beginners to this new medium and still challenge more experienced artists with advanced tips and techniques.

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Most supplies will be provided including encaustic medium, encaustic paint, brushes, paper, boards, and basic encaustic tools. Students will be asked to bring 1-2 panels of their choice no larger than about 12 x 12". You will will receive detailed information on these as well as a list of optional items upon registration. Space is limited to 6 students and classes tend to fill very quickly.

Hotels and Transportation

Traveling to join us? If you're not from Portland, here's a list of hotels, transportation options and sightseeing.

Here's What We'll Cover: Mixing Media with Ink, Customized Stamps and Watercolor

A fellow artist once told me that any mark is better than no mark, and that advice has served me well. You can use these techniques to avoid that dreaded blank canvas as you begin new work or to add gestural marks at any point in your creative process to add more spontaneity and life to your work.

In this session we'll explore several ways of making marks using wax, watercolor, customized stamps, and ink with both traditional and non-traditional tools. Through guided exercises we'll push your paintings in new directions as you discover new additions to your visual vocabulary. Come with an open mind and ready to make experimental work in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. If you haven't worked with encaustic before I'll get you up to speed on the basics that you'll build on throughout our week together.

Secrets of Creating Depth

When I ask students what first attracted them to working with encaustic, most tell me it was the depth and luminosity of wax paintings. I agree; that's what drew me in too. There are some tried and true methods to creating depth in your paintings and that depth allows light to enter the layers of paint and reflect back to the surface, creating that luminous glow. I'll take you through these methods as we layer paint, paper, and other materials for differing effects. We'll talk about the importance of paint types, layering "recipes" and my favorite ways to trick the eye into perceiving more layers than there really are.

Adding Patterns with Stencils

Using stencils offer simple ways to develop striking forms in your wax paintings. I'll demonstrate several techniques using pre-cut stencils to add lines, shapes, texture and simple imagery to your work. You can use stencils to carve a design directly into your paintings or apply different mediums through them using wax, pastels and more. We'll also discuss the best uses for stencils made of different materials, as well as how the thickness of the stencil changes its possible applications with wax.

Tons of Texture

There are several ways of adding texture to your encaustic paintings and we'll explore many of them in this class. You can build up texture by painting through different materials onto your wax, using brush techniques to build up sections of your surface and specialty tools to remove others. I'll demonstrate various heating tools that work best with each technique including heat guns, torches and irons. It can take many layers to properly build up texture, but I'll show you my favorite shortcuts to speed things up. I'll teach you the equivalent of a dry brush technique using wax and show you how you can break (or at least bend) the "fuse-every-layer" rule.

Personal Projects

This is where it all comes together and you can combine all the techniques introduced during the week to create work unique to your vision. We'll start off the day with a short presentation on Taking Your Paintings from Start to Finish (finishing, framing, signing and shipping your work), then you'll work on whatever projects you prefer. Consider this a directed open studio, where I'll work with each of you individually to answer questions you might have about techniques we've covered, how to set up your studio at home, etc. Use this time to complete projects from earlier in the week or start new ones to continue after you return home full of new ideas!

How To Register

Confirmation, directions to my studio and additional information will be emailed to each student upon registration. Space is limited to 6 students so classes fill quickly.

If a class is not listed below it's because that one is already full. If you see the class you want, grab it quick! Please note, only Monday's class is available to beginners. All other classes offered during this week require some encaustic experience.

Single day passes are 15% off:

If you have trouble registering online please contact me at (503) 348-9139 or waxx@ Classes must be paid for in full by cash, check or credit card prior to the class to confirm your spot. When your payment is received you will be emailed a confirmation notice, additional information about the classes and a map to my studio in NE Portland.

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Cancellation and Liability Policies

  • Cancellation at least 60 days before the class date = full refund minus $100 cancellation fee or you may change to another class.
  • Cancellation less than 60 days before the class date = full refund minus a $150 cancellation fee only if the space is filled by another paying student.
  • No show = no refund.
  • By registering for this class you agree to assume all responsibility for non-refundable expenses including but not limited to travel and lodging. Travel insurance is encouraged.
If the workshop is canceled by the instructor, you will receive a full refund. If another instructor must be substituted for Linda Robertson due to illness or emergency you will have the option to attend the class with the substitute instructor or cancel/reschedule without penalty.

Should any injuries occur during or as a result of participation in any class or workshop, the registered student agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Linda Robertson and all employees, instructors and volunteers connected with Linda Robertson Arts.

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Mixing Media

Tons of Texture

Creating Depth

Mixing Media


Creating Depth

Tons of Texture

Personal Projects

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